MR enterography (small bowel diagnosis)

Precise and comprehensive representation of the small intestine, modern alternative to x-ray examinations or the CT or MRT enteroclysis (insertion of a probe through the nose into the duodenum), which is unpleasant for the patient. Inflammations of the intestinal wall are exactly mapped. The gentle and X-ray-free examination method is particularly important for patients who have to undergo repeated examinations (such as Crohn's disease). Tumors can also be accurately diagnosed using this examination.

Before the examination, the patient is given an intravenous MR contrast agent; this increases the informative value of the examination and confirms the diagnosis. Thanks to the latest technology, the required amount of contrast agent can be significantly reduced. Please note our contrast agent information sheets.

Common uses

  • Inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
  • Proof or exclusion of extraluminal complications such as fistulas or abscess formations
  • Diagnosis of small intestine tumors
  • Celiac Disease

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