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The X-ray surgery Dr. Christian Frisch has its origins in 1976. At that time, Dr. Werner Ranegger founded the X-ray surgery at Bahnstrasse 2a, 8720 Knittelfeld.

Due to the rapid technical change in the field of radiology, the conventional radiology (X-ray, fluoroscopy, sonography and mammography) was expanded by the CT and MRI institute in 1992. As the amount of work increased in the imaging sector, Dr. Christian Frisch was hired at the institute in 1992. The next step took place nine years later and in 2001 the range of services was expanded to include a magnetic resonance tomography device in cooperation with the KAGes.

With the retirement of Dr. Werner Ranegger in mid-2006, Dr. Christian Frisch took over the X-ray surgery and the CT and MRT institute in Knittelfeld. Over the years and due to the steady increase in patient numbers, it soon became clear in 2008 that the location at Bahnstrasse 2a, 8720 Knittelfeld, was getting on in years and no longer met the modern requirements of an X-ray ordination and an institute.

So at the beginning of 2009, on a central property close to the hospital, the construction of a new medical center, not only for our own needs, but also for other health care facilities, started. Construction began in June 2010. The new building includes an X-ray ordination, an ordination for general medicine, a pulmonologist's ordination and various private ordinations in the field of plastic surgery and neurology.

Since radiology in particular has to keep its finger on the pulse, we set new standards in the area of ​​cross-sectional imaging procedures at the beginning of 2020. Our latest innovations and investments in 2020, to ensure the best patient care, medical care, minimal radiation dose and image quality are a 320 line computed tomograph and a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance tomograph in addition to the device in the LKH Murtal.

But also in the field of traditional radiology, we have acquired a fully digital fluoroscopy and recording device and a new ultrasound device for safe, secure and fast patient care.

We will continue to try, together with our staff, to ensure optimal care for our patients.

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