Digital X-ray

Conventional X-rays have been known since 1895. They are used to assess bone structures as well as the lungs and the heart, since tissue of different densities can be examined using X-rays. The new digital method, however, makes it possible to generate digital images that can be subsequently processed, which leads to a significant reduction in the radiation dose. The diagnosis is no longer based on X-ray films, but on special image viewing consoles.

Common uses

  • Representation of the skeleton
  • Representation of the lungs
  • Function recordings using an X-ray grid
  • Examination of the stomach and intestinal tract (double contrast examination)
  • Video examination of the esophagus
  • Pyelography (representation of the lower urinary tract)
  • IV phlebography (representation of the venous system)


How does a digital X-ray work?

Examination time: fractions of a second. Depending on the area of ​​the body to be examined, you will be asked to remove clothing and jewelry. It is important not to move for a short time; you also have to hold your breath briefly during a lung X-ray.

What must be considered during this examination?

In pyelography and phlebography, a non-ionic X-ray contrast agent is administered intravenously. We therefore recommend that you do not eat or drink anything four hours before the examination. No special preparation is necessary for all other digital x-rays.

What must be brought to the examination?

Current kidney laboratory parameters (KREA) and thyroid laboratory parameters (TSH).

Is the examination painless?

The examination is completely painless.

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