Irrigoscopy (colon x-ray)

Irrigoscopy is a technique used to visualize the entire large intestine, including the small intestine.
A thin probe that is inserted into the anal canal is used to pump thick X-ray contrast medium and air into the patient. The mucous membrane of the intestine is unfolded by the air, which manifests itself as a feeling of fullness.
When the colon is completely filled, x-rays are taken in various positions under fluoroscopy.

Common uses

  • Stool problems, stool irregularities, diarrhea
  • Assessment of the length, width and position of the intestine
  • Detection / exclusion of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Detection / exclusion of stenoses or wall changes related to colon cancer
  • Detection / exclusion of diverticulum diseases (protrusions of the intestinal wall)
  • Detection / exclusion of polyps
  • Post-operative controls


It is very important to have an empty, well-cleaned bowel!

Therefore preparation by means of diet and laxatives.

Two days before the examination
  • Only light fare is allowed.
  • You will be given a prescription for a laxative the day before the examination.
    The laxative should be taken with plenty of fluids the day before the examination - i.e. the afternoon before, at around 2 p.m. Then drink plenty of water (3 liters). Avoid carbonated drinks!
  • Don't eat anything the evening before the examination !!
Diet instruction - start 2 days before the examination
  • Breakfast: tea or black coffee with rusks
  • Lunch and dinner: clear soups (without fillings), boiled fish, rusks, white rice, pasta. However, only in moderation. Eat low in fiber!
  • Please drink at least 2-3 liters of liquid per day. NO carbonated drinks! The best still mineral water, herbal tea or fruit tea.
On the day of the examination
  • Come sober - stop eating - drink 1/2 liter of water.
  • You can take medication as usual.

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